Where she is now: Brinda van den Berg
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Where she is now: Brinda van den Berg

This week, we begin a special, new series on our podcast called "Where She is Now". In the series, we do follow-up interviews with previous show guests. We ask what's happened in our guest's life since sharing her brave, personal story on our show. If you've ever wondered, "what happened to that woman?!" this is a beautiful opportunity to go deeper. In this first episode of the series, Brinda van den Berg follows-up on her powerful story of early mother-loss that she told in episode one. This is what's happened in Brinda's life since.

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Content: mother loss, trauma, early mother loss, child abuse

Letter writing challenge

Use #brindaletterchallenge

So in this episode we are challenging you, the listeners here with Brinda. Brinda has taken on the challenge to write a love letter to her kids. You can write your letter to your kids, your spouse, your lover, your best friend, or your great aunt who you love, whoever it is, where you want this person to know who you really are and what your life was about and why you love them. So that's the challenge.

Post a photo of the envelope or a snippet of the letter online on your socials before March 1st 2023, using #brindaletterchallenge and please tag us @ifyouknewme.show (IG)

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mother loss, trauma,early mother loss, child abuse,