Motherless Mother
If You Knew MeJanuary 07, 2022x
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Motherless Mother

Welcome to our very first episode of Full Moon Women! We are so glad you’re here. We publish episodes bi-monthly as couplets. The first episode of each month is a personal story from a woman’s inner life. The follow-up episode is a conversation with someone who brings greater context – and hopefully greater appreciation – for the storytelling woman’s story. Our first episode is titled "Motherless Mother" and it’s the story of Brinda van den Berg. The next episode is with Hope Edelman, the author of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, “Motherless Daughters” and the new book “The Aftergrief.”

Brinda lost her mother when she was only two-years old. Originally from India, she now lives in the Netherlands. Brinda shares her journey of becoming a mom without a proper role model and finding her way through grief.


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This episode was produced by Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans. 

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