The Totem Project

The Totem Project

The podcast 'If You Knew Me' is now the corner stone initiative of The Totem Project.
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Tax EIN 85-3586170.
We can provide you with a tax deductible letter for you DAF or other foundational giving.

The Totem Project (TTP) is a non-profit media initiative working to document and share stories about change, renewal and the collective good.

TTP will pursue its mission by creating podcasts, documentaries and feature length films that capture the educational values in storytelling - centered around stories of transformation of individuals who come to appreciate the central purpose of their life and the impact that their transformation has on them and those around them.

The staff of TTP will interview people to capture the metamorphosis in their life so that their story can be shared with others. The objective is for these transformative stories to serve multiple purposes: empowering the individual or 'tribe' that is the storyteller to appreciate the insight ands impact that the transformation contributed to a sense of purpose that is bigger than themself or their tribe; educating listeners; inspiring others to seek out their own purpose and transformation in life; and leading to the goal of inspiring people to heal the world.

TTP will work exclusively in English in audio and video formats. Its process will include: identification of interview subjects with compelling stories; and pre-interviews, remote and live interviews and writing up of show notes by TTP staff. TTP will provide all of the technical resources involved in hosting, producing and recording the interview whether in audio or video format. TTP will edit and prepare the audio or video for public distribution and will arrange to host the content either on the TTP website or to distribute the content via a social media platform in order to make it available to the general public.

TTP will be creating podcasts and distributing its educational content via dedicated websites and social media platforms. TTP also plans to create documentaries and feature length films in the future.

All of TTP's operations will be conducted on a charitable basis. All podcasts and films will be provided to the public free of charge.

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