Living with Lipedema
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Living with Lipedema

This week, we hear from Kerry Jones, a personal chef living in Portland, Oregon. Her passion for cooking comes from years of struggling with all kinds of body issues. Just recently, she learned she has a condition called Lipedema. Lipedema is a medical disorder that causes fatty deposits to remain located in certain areas, no matter how much a woman does to get rid of it. It’s often misdiagnosed as obesity. The condition affects one in every 10 women in the U.S. As it progresses, a woman’s legs can become extremely large, heavy and painful. After learning about symptoms and treatment options, Kerry decided to take action.  Her story is entitled “Living with Lipedema.”

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Content: Lipedema, weight loss, body image, liposuction, signs of lipedema 


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This episode was produced by Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans. 

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