I had to forgive myself
If You Knew MeMay 26, 2022x
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I had to forgive myself

What if you seem to be the one who always pours into others, and you suddenly find yourself totally depleted? What if the industry you work in is called "wellness" but you feel unwell and lonely? 

This week, we bring you a brave and emotional story from Tonie Warner, a career yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. She teaches at the intersection of Yoga Philosophy and Social Justice. She is the Founder of Yuja Soul: Yoga for Black Women, a space dedicated to healing justice for Black Women.

Her story pulls back the curtain on the yoga industry, as well as her own heart. 

Her story is entitled "I Had to Forgive Myself".

See below for a full transcript of this episode (Episode 16). 

Content: yoga, yoga for black women, wellness, yoga teacher training, social justice, black lives matter


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yoga,yoga for black women,wellness,yoga teacher training,social justice,black lives mattter,