Hear Me
If You Knew MeMay 05, 2022x
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Hear Me

Arlean Gillin spent years feeling lost and alone, not knowing what was going on with her body. Out of nowhere, her heart would start racing and she felt like she might stop breathing.

 “I feel like it's something that I didn't learn in childhood, you know, being able to put words to emotions and speaking how you feel and just letting those things go. Just talking about your feelings." 

After connecting with other women, Arlean started to see the bigger picture. 

"You know, you're viewed as an angry black woman, when really you're just hurting and you don't have the tools to express yourself."

Listen to this week's episode of If You Knew Me: "Hear Me"

Content: life stories, anxiety, miscarriage, yoga, breath, meditation, health, selfcare, voice, black women


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life stories ,anxiety,yoga,breath,miscarriage,meditation,health,selfcare,voice,black women,