Whitney Myers

Whitney Myers

Founder - Sacred Stories

Whitney Myers, Founder & Personal Historian of Sacred Stories, is a passionate advocate for the power of storytelling and the art of listening. Her journey reflects her deep commitment to preserving life stories and the connections they forge.

Raised in a family that valued meaningful conversations and relationships, Whitney's diverse path included work with people of all ages, shaping her into a compassionate leader and community builder. In 2017, a transformative interview with a nonagenarian ignited her passion for capturing life stories on film, leading her to establish Sacred Stories in 2019.

Sacred Stories specializes in crafting Legacy Films that celebrate individual lives. Whitney believes that everyone's story is worth sharing, emphasizing the importance of this journey for personal growth and connection. Despite facing challenges in filmmaking and navigating the vulnerability of sharing personal stories, Whitney's compassionate approach helps individuals open up and share their experiences.

Whitney Myers is the driving force behind Sacred Stories, creating video biographies cherished as gifts for special occasions. Her expertise in reminiscence science, combined with her storytelling talent, ensures each film becomes a treasured keepsake.

Sacred Stories fosters a culture of listening and understanding through the art of storytelling, connecting generations and healing hearts. Whitney's dedication and love for people's stories inspire the creation of meaningful narratives for all to enjoy.

In recognition of If You Knew Me's  work in listening and assisting others in sharing their stories, Whitney recently made a generous donation to support our mission, further demonstrating her commitment to the power of stories and their impact on people's lives.