I do
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I do

This week, Jamie’s taking off her hosting hat and sharing one of her own stories.

On July 1st, Jamie will get married to Piet, the co-producer of this show. She wanted to celebrate and document this sacred event in her life, through a podcast episode. She also wanted to take the opportunity to get real about a moment that our culture, so often sugar coats.Weddings are frequently made out to be these fluffy, white cake affairs. But there is so much else going on underneath the frosting, so to speak. Jamie’s friend and writer, Rachel Krause-Hurn was kind enough to conduct an interview with her.

Her episode is entitled, “I do.”

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See below for a full transcript of this episode (Episode 21).

Content: wedding, marriage, vows, loss, sacred, belonging



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This episode was produced by Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans.

Music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions.

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wedding ,marriage, vows,loss,sacred,belonging,