Deciding between motherhood and personal ambition
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Deciding between motherhood and personal ambition

This week: How can you honor your parents and radically choose your own path?

Mali’s parents were intense, devoted political activists who worked tirelessly alongside the American labor leader Cesar Chavez in the 1960s and 70s. Mali continued her parents’ legacy by co-founding a non-profit in California called Encinitas4Equality to disassemble structural racism. Her story, though, is not about farmers’ rights or racism. It’s about a universal question many women face: how can I pursue my own ambitions in life and also devote time to becoming and being a mother? Even if you don’t dream of motherhood, the question remains: What do we do when we are faced with two competing desires? Can we make space for both of them?

This week’s story is entitled “Deciding Between Motherhood and Personal Ambition”

Content: activism, farm workers’ rights, motherhood, ambition, alcoholism, recovery

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mali woods-drake, activism , farm workers’ rights, motherhood , ambition, alcoholism , recovery,