Can you be a mother and an artist?
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Can you be a mother and an artist?

Can you be a mother and a professional artist? And if so, how? What are the conditions that make it possible for a woman? This week, we hear from Shanti Grumbine, a talented visual artist who has been making art for over 20 years. 

Shanti transforms common items like newspapers and plastic bags into powerful, devotional objects. Her work includes drawing, printmaking, paper-cutting, and sculpture. She has been awarded major fellowships, grants and residencies. While in high school, Shanti was fascinated by a question no one seemed to be asking: “Can a professional artist be a mother?” Her own mother had been a professional artist but eventually she left the art world to become a clinical therapist. Today, Shanti is a single mom of a three-year-old daughter and lives in upstate New York. Shanti tells her unique story of dealing with a chronic illness, being a single mom and continuing, despite it all, to create.

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art , life of an artist , motherhood , single motherhood  , single mom, artist,