BONUS: Our Not So Secret Society
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BONUS: Our Not So Secret Society

This week: “Our not so secret society”

In this BONUS episode our host Jamie Yuenger talks about how we are developing our first ever League of Women. This League of Women, it's not quite a secret society and it's definitely not a traditional advisory board.

This League will support and expand the work of If You Knew Me. We are in the midst of building a team of smart, brave, and bold women who want to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Our mission with If You Knew Me is to improve women's wellbeing through the power of story.

Once a woman shares her story on our show, she changes her personal narrative forever. She's no longer trapped inside her own head. She's put her truth into the world, and that act alone connects her with other women. This work helps the guests on the show and the listeners of this show feel less alone, less weird, less awful.

We've invited a list of women to join the league, but perhaps you know women in your world and your network who would love to get involved in what we are doing here to help strengthen this show's impact. Maybe you're an amazing woman yourself, or maybe you're thinking of your aunt or your boss, or your friend or your neighbor, basically, who is it that you admire?Who makes it her business to give back?

League members will be invited to gather several times a year as a group, as well as offer a meaningful financial contribution. We would be happy to send you a document that outlines what it means to join the League.

We will we're happy to send you a document that outlines the details of what it means to join the league. To get in touch, just find our details in these show notes. 

We'll publish one special episode in December and it's gonna be with Piet Hurkmans. Piet is Jamie's husband and the co-creator of this show, and he's going to share his story and why he is a man helping to create a show that's all about women.

We'll be back with the 4th season of If You Knew Me on January 6th 2023.


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