Building a League of Women

We are currently building our 2023 League of Women to expand and elevate the work of “If You Knew Me.”

It's not an official advisory board. It's not a secret society.

Our League of Women is a tight-knit group of ladies who work strategically to 1. Have fun together 2. Strengthen the non-profit's podcasting, book and film works 3. Improve women's well-being through the power of story.

"If You Knew Me" publishes powerful, true stories from influential women, women you've never heard of and anonymous women.

We have invited select leaders from around the U.S. to join the League, but perhaps YOU or someone you know would be thrilled to support our mission of elevating women’s real stories.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more.

The League will begin in early 2023. Reach out to learn more or receive our invitation materials. Share this post and spread the word.

Jamie Yuenger
Jamie Yuenger
Host & Producer